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Building Shooters: Applying Neuroscience Research to Tactical Training System Design and Training Delivery

Building Shooters

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"The clearest, simplest, most well-founded psychomotor training program I have seen for developing shooting skills."

-Dr. Bill Lewinski, Executive Director, Force Science Institute

Every serious shooter, firearms instructor, and trainer or supervisor of armed professionals should read this truly ground-breaking book that trainer Ken Murray, co-founder of Simunition and author of Training at the Speed of Life calls,

"One of the more important books of our time..."

Mike Seeklander, former senior instructor at FLETC, World Champion competitive shooter, and author of The Art of Instruction calls it,

"Critical to the development of anyone who wants to really learn how to shoot well."

Building Shooters is the first book to apply the principles of modern brain-science research to the problems of learning, teaching, and applying firearms and other tactical skills. Unlike other books that focus on things like skill performance methods, skill development, and tactics, this book is specifically written about training.

Skill performance is critically important, and learning in a way that matches how the human brain processes information can make all the difference in the world when it comes to physical skillset development. But, that alone is not enough.

Physical skills must be accompanied by the information processing, thinking, and decision-making abilities that lead to positive operational outcomes. The brain, and how it works, matter.

Developed through extensive scientific literature review and decades of real-world experience in both training and operations, the information in Building Shooters is a game changer for the profession of arms.

The book's benefits also aren't limited to shooting related activities. The proposed neural-network-model-based method of training design is shown through the medium of firearms and tactical skills. However, it has the potential to revolutionize vocational training in any field that requires decision-making and skill application in dynamic environments.

Building Shooters is a must read!


"Whether you're teaching basic classes to beginners or mid-level and advanced training for armed professionals, you'll benefit from reading this work. For those trying to improve their skills, understanding how the mind works, learns, and applies skills will be a big help. This is one of those books you read, reread, and then once or twice a year you go through it again. With every reading you'll be growing and improving, which is what a good book should do."

-Tiger McKee, Director of the Shootrite Firearms Academy


Softcover, 192 Pages, Psychology/Education and Training

Published March 12, 2016

ISBN-10: 0692621783

ISBN-13: 978-0692621783

Size: 7"x10"


Editorial Reviews:

"An incredibly logical and analytical look at firearms training. This book should have been written years ago, as understanding the material in it is critical to the development of anyone who wants to really learn how to shoot well. Building Shooters is an eye opening look at the problems and solution facing trainers and trainees in the area of firearms skill development. The breakdown of neural network types and the procedural memory system is worth the price of admission. Absolutely brilliant material."

-Mike Seeklander, Owner of Shooting Performance, World Champion competitive shooter, Co-host of The Best Defense.

"The first book of its kind, Building Shooters details how to effectively and efficiently teach the art of shooting by evaluating what is understood about the brain. This books is written as a literature review which begins to connect the dots between how we train, using what is known about the fundamentals of brain function. Dustin Salomon has distilled the teaching of defensive shooting to its core elements..."

-Jeremy Sword, PhD., Neuroscience

"As a long time trainer, this is my first opportunity to consider how the human brain receives, retains, and categorizes information. The importance is critical for how we design training. I note that Building Shooters' advocacy for using "live" weapons for role player training is innovative and has benefits. Challenging traditional notions is how we improve training delivery, content, and success on the street."

-Allen Garber, US Army Ranger Combat Veteran, FBI Supervisory Special Agent and SWAT Team Leader (Ret.), Police Chief, Champlin MN (Ret.), Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Marshall, District of Minnesota, 2002-2006

"With the goal of improving training implementation and delivery of firearms and tactical skills, Dustin Salomon presents a reasoned and science based foundation for his training system. The science of human performance is well explained and practical suggestions are made with a focus on developing better shooters who perform at higher levels and retain their skills longer. We employ many of his recommendations in our academy and improvements in our firearms program are measurable in terms of shooter success. This is essential reading for academy staff, curriculum developers and the firearms instructor."

-Art Aplan, Advanced Training Coordinator, Division of Criminal Investigation, South Dakota

"Mr. Salomon's application of neuroscience, coupled with known training techniques, can be the next breakthrough in developing a training regimen that engages physical, mental, and psychological attributes to obtain a better end product.

-Jim H., Professional Firearms Instructor

"Science applied to the training of the next generation of law enforcement...Building Shooters outlines a method of instruction that utilizes the way our brain processes information so they have the tools to survive."

-Brad Leach, Captain, Burnsville, MN Police Department (Ret.) and former SWAT Team Leader