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NURO(R) Shooting System (USA) - 10 Lane, 2 Relay Square Range Configuration

Building Shooters Technology LLC

Regular price $15,671.25


Currently supporting LE/MIL sales only.

Listed price estimate of $15,761.25 is for a ten lane, two relay NURO(R) Shooting System. (Patent Pending.)

Indoor/outdoor, all weather use. Supports live fire, dry fire, SIM/UTM, laser (e.g., SIRT), airsoft, and role player training methods.

System is modular and highly configurable. Options include support for 1 to 100+ single subject (target) square range lanes, multiple relays of shooter isolation, shoot house configurations for individuals and teams, multi-subject (target) lanes, individual issue training configurations, and more. 

System training, pre-configuration, iOS control application (recommended but not required for use), and shipping are not included in listed price estimate.

LE/MIL orders now available. Orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please contact us for additional details, to schedule a system demonstration, and for customized quotes.

Credit card pre-paid pre-orders will include a 5% non-refundable credit card processing fee.

Designed and manufactured in the USA using U.S. and imported parts. 


"After all the wait, testing and working with NURO has confirmed the absolute paradigm shift it brings to operational firearms training."

-Khimaira Strategy-Tactics, France


"The NURO Shooting System is an innovative approach for law enforcement firearms trainers to develop shooters who are also thinkers. Building judgment into use of force training with a firearm should not be an afterthought. The NURO integrates decision making and judgment into live fire drills and allows trainees to interact with a target based upon what they see (visual stimulus) throughout their training. This is the next step in combative shooting training and provides a practical way to apply the principles described in Dustin Salomon’s ground-breaking book Building Shooters."

-Neil Rogers, FBI Supervisory Special Agent (Ret.), Former FBIHQ Principal Firearms Instructor


"I can say with 100% confidence that the book Building Shooters and the NURO Shooting System represent a revolutionary advance in the field."

-Andy Stanford, Author of Surgical Speed Shooting and Fight at Night