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On Training: Volume 2

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On Training: Volume 2

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In 2016 Dustin Salomon upended the firearms and tactical training community with his book, Building Shooters. Widely considered to be a game changer by both instructors and academics in the industry, this book stood as the first serious effort to apply fundamental neuroscience and psychology research to HOW training systems should be structured for tactical applications. This book, Volume 2 of the On Training series, expands upon those same fundamental scientific principles. It covers the practical application of brain-based training for both entry-level and remedial students. It also debunks a number of widely held training myths that negatively impact student performance and contains a detailed analysis of the civilian training market, to include science-based recommendations for improving long-term student outcomes and performance. This book is a must-read for firearms and concealed carry instructors, trainers of law enforcement, military, and security personnel, and others who want to better understand the challenges facing this unique industry, as well as how the application of neuroscience and psychology research can help solve them.


“...a valuable resource...A thorough, scientifically rigorous, and clear training manual."

- Kirkus Reviews


  • Paperback: 170 pages
  • Publisher: Innovative Services and Solutions LLC (August 31, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1952594081
  • ISBN-13: 978-1952594083
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 About the Author:

Dustin Salomon is a former naval officer and a certified law enforcement firearms instructor. He has been professionally engaged with firearms, security, and tactical training and operations since 1996. Dustin also operates a blog intended for professional instructors at